Wound Up And Worn Out: How To Help Teens And Kids Cope With Overwhelming Stress

The Perfect Storm, Family

Tired 🥱 . Exhausted 😩. Emotional 🥹. Anxious 😕. Withdrawn 🫣.

Those five words and many more like them, unfortunately, describe far too many teenagers and far too many of us parents these days as well.

Currently, we have an absolute pandemic of teens who are constantly “wound up + worn out” at the same time.

Being in practice for the past 15 years, we certainly had already seen a dramatic rise in the number of teens struggling with things like ADHD, anxiety, and depression.. but now, after the last few years where we forced our kids into isolation and even more time tied to electronics 💻📱, we’ve not only seen the rates explode again, but we’ve also sadly 😔 seen this true pandemic start to get ahold of kids way earlier than ever before.

It was not uncommon in the past to see a high schooler struggling with these issues, but when you start to see it in children just getting started with grade school 👧— it certainly wakes you to the reality that we have a way bigger problem going on here and that something MORE needs to be done.

Our favorite stories that fill our practice each + every day now are the ones of these teenagers, kids, parents, and full families tackling their stress 😬 head-on and getting incredible life-changing results WITHOUT drugs 💊!

THAT is our absolute obsessive mission, vision, and goal for our teens and full families — to help calm 🧘‍♀️ their stressed out and “wound up” nervous systems while also bringing back that “mojo” and energy 😀 that they should still have at full power 🔋 throughout their childhood (yep, teens too)!!!

To learn what’s really going on and how to find help that does NOT involve a prescription, a pill 💊, and tons of side effects — please watch this video 🎥 and also share it with any family you know whose teenager or child may be stuck in this storm as well!

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