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Perfect Storm Intensive Program

Our 2-Week Neurological Restoration Intensive Program is designed specifically for pediatric patients struggling with “Perfect Storm 🌪” challenges related to prenatal distress, birth intervention and trauma, traumatic brain 🧠 injuries, and chronic digestive or immune challenges.

If your child has been diagnosed (or you suspect) with chronic neurological conditions such as epilepsy, autism, apraxia, cerebral palsy, ADHD, anxiety, depression, OCD, Lymes, POTS, PANS, dysautonomia, asthma, allergies, chronic constipation, or any other chronic health challenge and you simply are NOT seeing the results you want with the traditional medical 💊 approach, our Intensive Program is for you.

Tackling Tough Cases (How It Works)

The team of neurologically-focused Pediatric Chiropractors and hope dealing Care Advocates at PWC are unlike anything else you’ve experienced in health care.

We combine our passion for kids with our combined decades-long experience, and work to get results with even the toughest of neurological cases by taking a vastly different approach than other providers.

First, we simplify things.

The #1 challenge facing most families looking to help their children heal is that they are simply overwhelmed. Each doctor, therapist, and provider on the team has their own unique specialty, but none of them focus on the “whole” child or communicate and connect well with other providers and specialties.

This leaves parents left trying to coordinate and keep track of everything, which is not only exhausting and challenging for the parent, but leaves the child experiencing less results than they should be getting.

Second, we work with the one ☝️ major system that controls and regulates every other system of the body — the central and autonomic nervous system.

By focusing each and every adjustment on rebalancing and restoring function to the “Air Traffic Control”  system, we immediately start to see changes in core pediatric health and brain 🧠 development functions such as — sleep , digestion , immune function, and motor (movement) tone and function.

Especially during the first week of the Intensive Program, we work to get the “basics” of neurological health back online. These core health elements such as sleep, digestion, and movement have often been entirely overlooked by both traditional medical doctors 🥼 and other functional or holistic doctors as well.

You can’t heal the gut, improve the immune system, or get motor tone and coordination back online if you don’t first work on the central and autonomic nervous system!

Once we see these “basic” neurological functions get back online, we can then get to work on “advanced” functions such as sensory processing, emotional regulation, social development, speech , and cognition.

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Watch Our Webinar

Let’s get your kiddo back on track. Watch Dr. Tony Ebel share
about The Perfect Storm 🌪️ in this Webinar Replay.

Dr. Tony Ebel 

The Perfect Storm 🌪 was created by Dr. Tony in 2008, after diving deep into the neuroscience behind what was causing so many kids to end up with sensory and spectrum challenges, but most importantly through listening to Mom after Mom share the case history 📝 of their child. From that he was able to map out a clinical care program custom-built for the ‘NeuroStorm’ 🌪 these kids get stuck in and struggled with.

Then in May of 2009, their own son Oliver suffered a traumatic birth and brain injury, and thankfully the Perfect Storm Care Program took him from 1% chance of surviving and being healthy according to the Medical Neurologist Team, to a now wildly healthy, vibrant, and full 11 year old life!

Since that time, Dr. Tony and his team have done all they can to bring this work to the world! 

Insight Neurological Scans

While many children in the Perfect Storm category have had a medical neurological exam, traditionally those only look for obvious pathology and diagnosis – they do not actually measure and determine true neurological function, autonomic and vagal tone, or the real key to pediatric brain 🧠 development – neuromuscular tone, symmetry, and pattern. 

These scans are the foundational element of our Perfect Storm Care Program, allowing us to fully customize and personalize the adjustments for your child, as well as continuously track and monitor change and improvement as care progresses! 

At their Report of Findings parents frequently state, “These scans perfectly depict what’s going on with my child!” Learn more about how these scans work!

The Most Incredible Patient Care & Support Team Ever

At PWC, we go way beyond expected not just in our clinical care, but with our Patient Experience, Service, and Support as well. Our award-winning Care Advocate Team will help guide parents and kids through every single step of the process with ease, organization, and confidence. 

Specific, NeuroTonal Adjustments 2x Per Day

Each adjustment is designed to find and release the built up tension and stress stuck in the sympathetic nervous system, and stimulate and activate the vagus nerve and parasympathetic nervous system… activating the “growth and development” mode of the autonomic system, and seeking to ultimately restore balance.

We refer to this as NeuroTonal Adjusting because the tone of the neuromuscular and motor system is absolutely crucial to a child’s health in all areas, neurological, immune, respiratory, gut health, and more.

We work with a “Less is More” approach at all times, where the adjustments can be made in a gentle and easy way, paired with a more frequent adjusting schedule of 2x per day consistently for 2 straight weeks. Each adjustment builds upon the last, and sets up the success of the next.

The expertise of our Perfect Storm Doctor Team is really in the “sequencing and pairing” of the adjustments, which sets this approach apart from general pediatric chiropractic care! The Insight Scans are an important element of being able set up that sequence and order of adjusting, and are performed each day following the 2nd adjustment!

Get Your Child Back on Track

A child’s ability to learn, develop, and heal is truly unparalleled. Unfortunately, so many Perfect Storm kids get stuck into the chronic cycle of stress and toxicity so early, that by the time symptoms arise or a diagnosis is made, their autonomic nervous system has been out of balance for a long time.

Frequently  Asked Questions

What happens after the 2 week intensive?

For nearly 10 years now Dr. Tony has been training other Pediatric and Family Chiropractors on the Perfect Storm and NeuroTonal approach to care, and therefore we do have trained and ready docs throughout the country (and a few internationally as well). We will find the best local doctor and team for you, and coordinate and co-manage care ongoing after the 2-week intensive at PWC! 

We then likely will have patients return for 2 week intensive care programs again every 3-6 months in order to continue progress and support neurological restoration! 

Do we need to see just one doctor the whole time?

No, the absolute best part of PWC is the Doctor Team approach! Our doctor team is the most experienced, committed, compassionate team in Pediatric Chiropractic, especially in the way of tough cases. Since the schedule of 2x per day is required, adjustments will be provided by all the docs, and they will be in constant communication as to the exact care plan and specifics all the way through! 

Does insurance cover it?

Unfortunately no. All insurance considers subluxation-focused care not medically-necessary, because it is not a medical treatment. Medical care focuses on treatment of symptoms, where as subluxation-centered chiropractic is a cause-based approach focused on actual long-term healing and restoration. However, many HSA and Flex-type accounts work perfectly for this type of care and our team will work with you in every way in this department!