Success Stories

Stories of Transformed Lives

Just as we are excited about transforming lives, our patients are equally excited to share their experiences with others. This is where we show the stories of hope! Hope incites action from those who have it. This is why so many parents have chosen to share the story of their child’s victories. Overcoming challenges such as autism, sensory processing disorder, ADHD, anxiety, asthma, allergies, chronic ear infections, and so much more!

We invite you into our stories!

Anxiety Cameron


Here’s what Cameron’s incredible mom has to say about his ‘miracle’ experience with PWC♥️: “Before finding PWC, Cameron was dealing ...


Brody’s journey into life is nothing short of an absolute miracle. 🙏 He was born at just 23 weeks - ...


Micah’s Miracle ✨ Initially, Crystal’s pregnancy with their first child, Micah, progressed uneventfully. However, at 35 weeks, additional monitoring showed ...


Devonte struggled to focus in school, and distractions seemed to follow everywhere, leaving his mom feeling a profound sadness. She ...


Read how this momma feels like she finally ‘has her son back!’ 🥹 “Henri was struggling with a variety of ...


Read what this amazing momma has to say about Shelby’s struggle with extreme constipation! "Shelby was not pooping on her ...


Michael kicked his torticollis to the curb and is hitting his milestones like a champ! 🌟 Mom said, “At about ...


In 2020, the pandemic shifted everything for Jason, including his work to home. With easy access to food and minimal ...


Did you know dads can expect miracles in our practice, too? 🤩 Dads are definitely not free of stress, and ...

PWC is a bright shining STAR in the darkness that is the modern medical world. My family is living better, more whole, more alive because of PWC.

The tribe at PWC are LOVED ones in our lives. They’re smiling faces and smiling hearts. These people are literally a collection of “One In A Million” human beings, and they assembled in one place to spread HOPE and breath strength into your life.

– Grant

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