Understanding Subluxation: A Guide For Parents

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“I wish I had known about this earlier!”

So often, those are the words we hear from parents after we explain to them the role subluxation and neurological 🧠 dysfunction (interference) play in their child’s health.

For many of these parents, before seeking out Pediatric Chiropractic care with a trained PX Doc, they had tried it all… medications, 💊 therapies, detoxes, diet changes, supplements, essential oils, and more! And that’s the tricky and sneaky thing about subluxation – it messes EVERYTHING up! 😵‍💫

When a child is subluxated and has an imbalanced nervous system, things like the gut, 💩 immune system, 🤧 motor function, 🏃 and more are thrown out of whack too.

If you feel like you’ve tried everything and are still looking 👀 for that one thing that ties it all together, you’ve got to learn all about subluxation. If you’ve been searching 🔍 for answers and drug-free options for your child, watch this video to learn more about subluxation, INSiGHT Scans, and how Pediatric Chiropractic just may be the key 🔑 to getting your child back on track and healthy as can be!

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