The Missing Link to Help Kids With Croup and Chronic Cough Without Medications

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When our son Oliver was an infant 👶 , and really for the first few years of his life, every single time he was teething or picked up even a minor cold 🤧 he would develop a deep, nasty, chronic cough.

Even after his cold would be gone or his teeth 🦷 would pop through, he’d have this lingering cough for weeks. The chronic cough left him tired all the time because it really interfered with his sleep 😴, keeping him (and us) up at night.

And what’s worse, for his first year of life, each cough would get back enough to turn into croup, and that sharp, barking, struggling cough that only parents who’ve gone through croup or something similar with their kids know about.

Thankfully for Oliver and us, we knew all about natural health options like chiropractic adjustments, supplements + vitamins, and essential oils that we were able to use to get him through those tough first couple years… and in the end, that means Oliver’s immune system got stronger 💪 not weaker since we were able to avoid medications like antibiotics altogether!

If you’re tired of the chronic cough, bouts of croup, and being up all night with a struggling little one… then dig into this video 🎥 and our full articles on croup and chronic cough (found on as well! Taking the drug-free 💊 and natural route makes all the difference in the world in helping avoid long-term issues like asthma and allergies down the road!

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