The Key to Supporting Gross Motor Delays and Developmental Milestones

Pediatrics, The Perfect Storm

Discover the missing link 🔗 in your child’s 🧒🏻 development with this informative video on Gross Motor Development and the Nervous System.

Dr. Tony Ebel will discuss the crucial role of Neurologically-Focused 🧠 Chiropractic Care in addressing motor delays 🏃 and developmental milestones. Learn why pediatricians and therapists may overlook 👀 these important aspects and how Subluxation in the Central Nervous System can hinder your child’s gross motor skills. Identifying and addressing subluxations can unlock 🔐 your child’s full potential. If you’re concerned about your child’s motor milestones or have tried other therapies without success, this video is for you. 👊🏻

Watch now to understand the connection between gross motor development and the nervous system, and take the necessary steps to ensure your child’s optimal health and development! 🙌🏻

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