The Importance of Understanding Healing Order in Your Child’s Health Journey

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For so many kids, the exposure to toxins (chemicals, germs 🦠, etc.) ends up being the final “trigger” that brings the signs and symptoms of sickness, illness, and disease out. But for the vast majority of cases, the original insult + injury to the body happened long ago and in the most overlooked system of all — the nervous system.

We typically see the signs of our children being sick 🤒 via the respiratory, immune, and digestive systems. Things like colic 😭, constipation 💩, congestion 🤧, and chronic ear 👂 infections are still normalized by traditional pediatricians 👩‍⚕️ as something that kids will “grow out of” over time. Still today, they tend to just write scripts for antibiotics or steroid-based medications that shove the symptoms and problems down deeper within the body over time.

Then once the explanations and action steps of the traditional medical 💊 system don’t get the job done, parents today awesomely make their way into “natural health” groups and get online 👩‍💻 researching all about the real-life negative health effects of things like toxins + chemicals ☠️ that get into our kid’s bodies way too often and way too soon.

So this all adds up to the FIRST ☝️ thing families looking to facilitate healing with being shifting to a toxin-free lifestyle and then adding in all sorts of diet changes, supplements, and essential oils to try and get the “gut” and immune system to heal from all their child has been through. Doing this is absolutely awesome 🤩 and a required step in the FULL healing process of a chronically sick child. BUT, it most often is NOT the first ☝️ step that needs to be taken in order to facilitate fully complete and effective healing.

Why? Because toxins and chemicals ☠️ are not usually the first injury + insult to the child’s health — #birthtrauma is.

For literally millions of kids today, birth is a physically traumatic event, causing a cascade of tension and what’s known as #subluxation + #dysautonomia to set in via the child’s autonomic nervous system. This imbalance in the brain 🧠 and nervous system leads to imbalance and weakening of the gut + immune systems, which then creates an environment where toxins more easily set up shop and get “stuck” 😬 in the system… creating the cascade of inflammation + illness talked about in those awesome blogs and online groups! So it’s absolutely correct that toxins are a big deal, and switching to a toxin-free lifestyle and looking into things like detoxes are an important part of the healing process.

But if that is the only step taken to help a child heal from the “Perfect Storm 🌪” most kids go through today, it will miss the mark by skipping over the essential step of neurological healing happening first ☝️ in this healing order. If you’ve gone through all the traditional medical options and therapies AND gone gluten-free, dairy 🥛 free, and already done all sorts of detoxes + supplements for your child, but still haven’t had FULL and complete healing — look 👀 deeper into neurologically-focused 🧠, subluxation-based chiropractic right away! For millions of families, that is the missing “first step” in full + complete healing for their child!

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