The #1 Nerve We Should All Be Talking About – The Vagus Nerve!

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Once you get on the inside and get caught up on cutting-edge research regarding health, neurology, and what really causes our families to be sick or healthy… you start to learn and go down a pretty awesome “rabbit hole” all about neurology! 

Before we get too nerdy 🤓 and lose you, there is really just ONE ☝️ crazy important nerve you need to know about — The Vagus Nerve.

Now if you think about Las Vegas 🎰 you think about partying, gambling, and staying up all night 😛! Well, the job of the Vagus Nerve is to do the exact opposite. The Vagus Nerve is the #1 most important nerve in regulating our sleep 💤, calming us down and helping us relax 🧘‍♂️, and regulating our mood and behavior 😊. It also is crucial to the social + emotional development of our kids’ brains 🧠, and helps control inflammation and modulate our immune system.

We often refer to the Vagus Nerve as the “Mom” of the body because it knows everything, keeps track of everything, and keeps it all working together. Until it doesn’t. Just like moms can get worn out + exhausted 😩, so can the Vagus Nerve.

In this video, Dr. Tony teaches us parents all about how crazy important this nerve is to our kid’s health, and really the health of the whole family… and how things like birth trauma and early exposure to toxins can get it worn out and shut down. Most importantly, he’ll cover how to find out if you or your child has a tapped-out + worn-out Vagus Nerve… and what to do about it! If you or your child are always running low on energy 🪫, get sick too often, and have trouble regulating emotions and behavior… this video 🎥 is for you!

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