The #1 Hidden Cause of Chronic Ear Infections in Kids

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Chronic ear 👂🏻 infections can be frustrating and extremely concerning for parents as they strive to address this reoccurring issue. 😔 In this video, 🎥 Dr. Tony uncovers their root cause and explains ways to naturally manage these ear infections without the use of medication. 💊

Chronic ear infections are characterized as recurring acute infections that persist for months on end. The primary reason behind these infections is poor drainage, allowing congestion, 🤧 inflammation, viruses, 🦠 and bacteria to accumulate in the ears, sinuses, throat, and lungs. This fluid buildup creates opportune conditions for infections, typically caused by viruses, rendering antibiotics 💊 largely ineffective in addressing them. The true underlying issue lies in poor plumbing 🪠 and drainage rather than mere inflammation.

To uncover 🔍 the root cause further, we need to explore the role of the nervous system, which governs immune function and inflammation regulation. Subluxation, which refers to misalignments in the spine, is identified as the primary culprit behind acute and chronic ear infections in roughly 95% of cases. 😳

Neurologically-Focused 🧠 Chiropractic Care is a proactive approach to maintaining optimal nervous system function and keeping the eustachian tubes free from subluxation and congestion. 🙌🏻 By addressing the underlying issues, this form of care can help children avoid reliance on antibiotics and other potentially harmful ❌ treatments. Together, we can help promote better health outcomes for children everywhere. 💙

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