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"Chiropractic in a nutshell helps me live"


PATIENT ZERO: Chiropractic Edition – The study of the spread of HEALTH

Janine is a legend around these parts, as she is the “OG” of perfect storm.  She was Dr. Tony’s very first perfect storm patient about 13 years ago… and she still comes in for her weekly wellness adjustments until this day. 

Janine came in as a young teen with major sensory processing struggles. Physical touch, crowds, loud noises and itchy clothes would send her through the roof with anxiousness and overwhelm. It made it very difficult for her to function from day to day and made school and even going into stores extremely difficult.

Janine was so easily overwhelmed by the outside environment and stimulation because she had so much stress built up on the inside of her storming nervous system. Chiropractic helped calm down the stress and the “noise” within her very sensitive body in order for her to not only get out of the storm but also be able to function well and grow into the wonderful, healthy woman she is today.

Today, Janine says that chiropractic in a nutshell  “helps me live”.  She says it allows her to keep her body more calm and enjoy the things she loves to do most like jazzercise and getting massages.  She says that when she gets overwhelmed by something she rates her anxiousness at a level 3 or 4 versus an 8 or 9 as it was in the past. She loves chiropractic so much she’s even considering becoming a one herself!!!!Because Janine was Perfect Storm “Patient Zero”, her and her family have surely helped pave the way for other kids to get connected to the help and HEALTH they so desperatley need.  (And so many more perfect storm kids and families continue to do the same) You know, health can be extremely contagious too

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