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"Tucker has officially had his failure to thrive diagnosis removed"


Meet Brooklyn⭐⭐

The storm 🌧️ of stress that was stuck in Brooklyn’s nervous system 🧠created a constant whirlwind 🌪️ of emotional meltdowns, sensory processing challenges, behavioral tantrums, seizures, and constant sickness 🤒.

Brooklyn was having such a hard time regulating her emotions that mom said they could barely leave the house because something as simple as going into a store triggered a massive meltdown 😩.

In addition to that, Brooklyn was getting sick ALL the time. They were at the pediatrician 🏥 about every two weeks for recurring infections that seemed to never stop. Mom said it got so bad that the front desk would automatically schedule📆 her out for more appointments because they knew she would be back with another infection. The antibiotics💊, the ear tubes 👂, and the tonsillectomy 🥴 only helped temporarily before they would find themselves stuck in the sick again.

Brooklyn’s mom sought out answers at PWC because she wanted more for her daughter than constant sick visits that only put a band-aid 🩹over her struggles. 🙅🏻‍♀️

Mom said at first she was hesitant and skeptical because she didn’t fully understand what pediatric chiropractic was and if it would help. But after talking to Dr. Tony and learning about the Perfect Storm 🌪️, Brooklyn’s mom said she had so much ✨hope✨ and knew she was in the right place!

Fast forward to now ➡️ this beautiful chiro kid is absolutely crushing life! 💪🏻 She is able to regulate her emotions so much better (they can even go shopping at the Toy store 🗼) Brooklyn is rarely ever sick and has kicked the recurring infections. 🙌 She’s gone YEARS in-between having a seizure🤯. She has improved focus and concentration in school 🙇‍♀️ and is adapting to change easier. Wooohoo! Best of all, Mom describes Brooklyn as Happier 🤗.

We are so proud of these huge leaps that Brooklyn has made. To see her continue to reach her full potential is absolutely amazing! She’s full of life, full of creativity, and full of smiles. ❤️

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