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"it’s really nice to see that his body is coping on its own."


At just 7 years old, Ayansh was completely stuck in a storm of stress: getting sick constantly, having febrile seizures, cold and exercise induced asthma, lack of bodily control, poor social/emotional regulation and sleep challenges.

Extreme stress and frustration for any parent  who dreams of a healthy life for their kiddos, but are trying to navigate the health world to find the best answers and help for their child’s struggles.

Mom and dad said,  “We wanted to find a route that was more natural and didn’t include medications. Everyone was pushing the meds but they weren’t working for him.  It was such a guessing game.”

After feeling exhausted and trying many different options, a holistic doctor recommended PWC. Their biggest goal for Ayansh coming into care? “Increased immunity and more resiliencey to his environment.”

Our kid’s bodies are truly designed to self-regulate and be adaptable to its environment. But Ayansh’s body was SO completely overwhelmed with stress that it was just surviving and not able to function at its best.

With consistent chiropractic care, Ayansh is crushing his goals left and right! He now needs NO medications for seizures OR asthma, and he’s doing amazing!! Go Ayansh! Mom and dad also report better emotional regulation, more bodily control with walking and running, and better sleep!  His dad says “it’s really nice to see that his body is coping on its own.”Now, Ayansh can live his life with less stress, less struggles, and more success. This young man is so sweet and intelligent- we can’t wait to see his bright future ahead. 

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