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"After 3 years of ear infections, antibiotics, and getting ready for tubes, Alexander is ear infection free!"


✨Let’s Talk…Ear Infections ✨

They are SO COMMON in our kids but they are NOT NORMAL!

It’s pretty hard to meet a mom or dad who hasn’t experienced ear infections with kiddos, not to mention the long nights , no sleep, and rounds of antibiotics that come along with them. But worst of all? The feeling of absolute helplessness you feel when you can’t help your kids feel better.

But here’s the HOPE and WHY we are posting this picture! Alexander started with us almost 3 years ago, multiple ear infections, antibiotics, getting ready for tubes and struggling.


🌟 Ear infection free

🌟 no tubes

🌟conquering the seasonal changes

🌟growing like a weed

Huge 🙌 for Alexander!

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