How To Help Your Child With Anxiety

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“I just didn’t know why my daughter was worrying so much”

A mom told me last week.

I wish this was something I didn’t hear as often as I do. But truthfully, anxiety has been top of mind for so many parents of growing kids, these days starting even earlier than the teenage years.

While there are many avenues to help with anxiety, worry, and overwhelm, most of them start from an approach of how we can add something to the body and brain to help it calm.

With so many parents looking for a natural solution, I wanted to dig in with this whiteboard video to explain the root cause of a “busy brain.” I’ll talk about how the nervous system works and how calming the signaling can lead to calmer emotions resulting in an easier response to stress.

Listen to Dr. Matt dive into this topic so you can learn strategies to help your child struggling with anxiety.

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