High Functioning Anxiety: Support It or Suppress It?

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One of our absolute favorite parts of working with so many young adult, teenage, and grade school patients with challenges like High Functioning Anxiety and ADHD is helping them find that “space” and resiliency within their nervous system. This allows them to still get the most out of the beautiful and incredible brain 🧠 God gave them but not get so wound up and stressed out that the things they love to do turn into a daily struggle.

It’s not an easy topic to tackle because, for so many kids, things can be going along just fine… until one day they’re not anymore.

Watch this incredibly insightful video 🎥 from Dr. Tony that really breaks down the science and neurology 🧠 behind it all and how to get help without drugs and medications!

Listen to Dr. Tony dive into 5 support strategies so you can help your child struggling with high functioning anxiety.

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