Do YOU Understand the Brain-Gut Connection?

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The Brain 🧠 → Gut Connection: Helping kids kick stomach aches 🥴, constipation 💩, and so much more by strengthening the brain’s signaling.

The brain uses the digestive system as a primary signaling agent. Not only for elimination 💩, but also for immune function 🤒, and sensing the environment around it. The gut protects the body 💪through breakdown, absorption, and detox. So both the brain 🧠 and gut health are KEY to kids fighting germs, eliminating toxins, and even regulating emotions.

If you’ve tried diet 🍎 and detox 🍋and are still looking for more, get this connection and signaling measured 📊with the help of a Pediatric Chiropractor. It’s easier than you think!

In this video, Dr. Matt explains the 3 main tests (scans) used to quantify the stress your kiddo’s nervous system is functioning with. Finding that baseline and improving it makes all the difference in helping them conquer the challenges they are facing.

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