Calming Sensory Storms

Pediatrics, The Perfect Storm

Sensory processing disorder is a common struggle 😔 for many kids, and we aim to help parents acquire effective strategies to support their kiddos during these overwhelming sensory storms. 🌪

Sensory challenges often start much earlier than we think, right around birth. Babies’ 👶🏻 sensory pathways develop rapidly within the first month of life. Difficult deliveries and physical stress during birth can have long-term effects on a child’s sensory system, leading to colic, 😭 constipation, 💩 trouble nursing, and overall discomfort.

Early intervention is crucial, as the brain’s 🧠 ability to change its response is best before the age of seven. Listen to Dr. Matt explain how seeking help from a Neurologically-Focused Pediatric Chiropractor can provide support for sensory struggles and help children thrive. ❤️

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