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Dr. Stephanie Ewert

My dream is to help every child and family live a healthy purposeful life. Chiropractic is a dream job for me because I get to empower and educate patients on the amazing intelligence within our bodies, that is beautifully designed to heal & thrive.

As a kid I struggled with constant sickness, severe allergies, eczema, recurring strep throat… you name it, I had it. There was a point where I needed to rely on an inhaler just to walk through my school. My eczema was so severe it covered my entire body and the only “answer” was steroid meds. Sickness continued into my adult life. In college I was constantly sick & was on antibiotics consistently. It seemed like medications were the only answer and they felt like a bandaid to cover up my symptoms. It wasn’t until I started getting adjusted that my health drastically changed. I am incredibly grateful Chiropractic came into my life and saved me from a lifetime of sickness and disease while also allowing my future children to live a totally different life.Chiropractic Assistant to


I discovered chiropractic after I graduated college from the University of South Florida and landed a life-changing job as a chiropractic assistant. At the time I knew I wanted to help people, I just wasn’t exactly sure how. Watching chiropractic change so many lives, including my own, I knew that I had to go back to school to become a chiropractor. My husband and I packed up our whole lives to move to Davenport, Iowa to chase this dream together. As a kid, my husband received chiropractic care from PWC and it had a huge impact on his life. On our way up to chiropractic school we both got adjusted at the amazing PWC! I knew right away we had a similar mission and I knew I wanted to be a part of this team!

Outside the Office

When I’m outside of the office I’m spending time with my husband Jared & cat Diesel. We love being out in nature biking the local trails, hiking, gardening, camping or traveling the globe. I’m passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and have been on my own health journey for over a decade. I absolutely love being active and enjoy long runs outside and working out at Crossfit AMRAP! 


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