Dr. Matthew Hill

My wife Crystal and I just celebrated our 11-year wedding anniversary, and like many couples with children we look back and are amazed at how much life has changed, how fast children grow and all we have learned. I’m sure most of you can agree that days go by slowly but the years pass quickly. Like many others, my “why” starts with my family.

Learning Devastating News

Crystal and I both wanted to have a big family, but our trajectory changed when she was pregnant with our first child. A month before our due date, we found out the scariest thing a future parent can hear, “Something may be wrong with your baby.” Crystal was quickly in surgery for an emergency C-section, and in a state of shock, we brought our first child into the world.

Our son, Micah, was born stable and without complications but diagnosed with a brain injury that happened during development. After talking with many medical professionals, we were left without hope that anything could help his condition. As hard as this was to accept Crystal and I vowed not to give up. We both continued to pray hard that we would find answers and believed that God would use our current situation to impact others.

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Finding Answers to Our Questions

Like many parents searching for answers, we attended Dr. Tony’s Perfect Storm lecture, and so many of our questions were answered! We began care and started to see remarkable changes in our Micah. He went from a toddler with constant colds and ear infections, immobile and struggling to communicate to now walking, interacting with us, and using actions and gestures to tell us what he needs. He is a happy and healthy boy!

Like other parents of a child with special needs, the benefits we experienced were life-changing! The first hug, eye contact, eating by himself, and playing games gave us the hope and answers we were searching and praying for.

Experiencing Loving Care

We were blown away with the love, care and results our family had through chiropractic care at PWC Chiropractic, so much so that we decided we needed to give the hope, help and answers we received to other families. So, we moved our family to Davenport, Iowa to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic. I set out on a mission to not only learn chiropractic but specifically pediatric chiropractic. I attended seminars, worked on additional pediatric certifications, trained online and spent every free moment I could with amazing mentors.

Since my days as patient and student, we have added to the family! Our growing team now includes 4 boys! Micah who is now 10, Eli who is 7, 4 year-old Zachary and racing after them all 1 year old Joshey (cause the littlest always has to end with “eeee” sound). I will always be a dad and husband first, and as Crystal will jokingly tell you as long as I can check and adjust her and our sons, she will be happy. However, God has bigger plans.

We were led to this practice and this community to make an impact. Here at PWC Chiropractic, helping families like ours have hope, care and results, no matter what circumstances in life they face is the ultimate “why I do what I do.”

In addition to practicing here, I have been able to speak, train and coach other pediatric chiropractors. My specific focus is on helping chiropractors better care for kids with neuro-developmental delays, special needs and immune challenges.

Enjoying an Active Family Life in Crystal Lake

If you see Crystal, the boys and I around town, please say hello! We can be found swimming, exercising (running or doing CrossFit), drinking coffee and hanging out at the park. We love traveling, family movie nights and catching up with friends and family. And with the boys, of course, bouncy houses, paw patrol and daily wrestling matches are a must!

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