Dr. Anthony Ebel

Every day for 15+ years now I get to hear the incredible, life-transforming stories and results we get to create with neurologically-focused chiropractic care at PWC! While each story continues to both amaze me and motivate me to help create millions more, they also make perfect sense to me — since I’ve experienced them myself, with my own “Miracle Man” son Oliver, and my entire family! 

It is my mission to bring this kind of chiropractic care and full, amazing life to as many kids and families as we can hear locally in Crystal Lake and Chicagoland, and to also do the same worldwide far beyond PWC even through the work we get to do with our PX Docs Network (www.PXDocs.com)! 

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone more excited about chiropractic and getting your family healthy, and my story will help you better understand WHY that is! 

An Early Start in Chiropractic

God sent me chiropractic all the way back in high school actually, as I found myself on a job shadowing assignment in a chiropractor’s office about an hour from my hometown. I watched in absolute disbelief and amazement at how much this chiropractor LOVED his job… and how much his patients LOVED the care he was providing and being in the office!


This shocked the heck out of me because while I had always wanted to go into health care and help people, every other experience I had inside the health care system was anything but exciting, positive, and joyful. 

I immediately went home, got on our dial-up computer in our high school tech lab and used Yahoo’s search engine (yep, this was before 5G and Google lol) and found out what it took to got to chiropractic school and become a chiropractor! And from that day, I never looked back! 

Addison + Oliver’s Story

While Pediatric, Prenatal, and Family Care is not the typical path for a chiropractor to take, once again God had some different plans for me, as just two weeks before I graduated from chiropractic school, our oldest baby girl Addison was born! 

Throughout the entire pregnancy, I got to watch chiropractic work its magic touch in keeping my beautiful wife Kristina strong and healthy so that she could rock a natural, perfect birth with Addison. From there, things played out incredibly with Addison having such an incredible, natural, drug-free, and wildly healthy start to life! 

I was instantly hooked on doing everything I could to bring that incredible experience to as many moms, dads, kids, and families as I could — so I signed up for a Pediatric Chiropractic Certification and Post-Doctorate course, and poured everything I had for the next 3 years into learning how to take care of kids at an ultra high level. 

And thank goodness I did, because on May 25th, 2014 our son Oliver was born via an extremely traumatic birth. He went from one hospital to another via a life-flight helicopter and spent 6 weeks in a Level 3 NICU as the sickest baby on the floor. He needed multiple surgeries, including 5.5 days on heart-lung bypass (ECMO), suffered brain damage, bleeding, and seizures, and needed multiple medications and medical teams taking care of him all at once to survive. 

Well, the best news ever is that not only did Oliver survive — HE THRIVED! 

While medicine was awesomely saving his life, I was making chiropractic adjustments to his nervous system 2x per day to restore and give him LIFE! 

We left the NICU after 6 weeks and left the doctors and nurses in absolute disbelief. They had given Oliver just a 20% chance of living to Age 1, and were “99% certain” he’d have epilepsy, autism, cerebral palsy, and lifelong brain and neurological damage. 

But instead, his EEG and MRI were completely clear, and he was off ALL medications! 

Truly God granted us a miracle with our son Oliver, but He did so by giving us both medicine AND chiropractic to make it actually happen! 

The Perfect Storm, PWC, and Taking Our Work to the World 

It would take me another 20 pages to tell half the story of all that has transpired from Oliver’s birth and first few years of life, but the good news is he’s now a thriving, tall, strong, fully healthy boy who’s never had a seizure or neurological issues. 

And now the “Perfect Storm” scientific concepts and clinical protocols I developed while getting him better as well as other tough neurological cases those first few years are the primary focus of our practice, and we’re also taking our work to the entire world through our PX Docs Training Network! 

PWC is built to be the source of Hope, Answers, and Help you’ve been searching for! We’ve assembled the world’s best team of Pediatric + Family Chiropractors and Chiropractic Advocates and our absolute mission is to take on both the toughest of neurological cases out there, as well as thousands and thousands of healthy, vibrant wellness families! 

Inside PWC every day you’ll find children who no longer have seizures or struggle with autism, have their focus improved and behavior challenges calmed, regulate their emotions and anxiety, improve their gut and immune health, get back on track developmentally, and so much more all WITHOUT drugs and medications! 

And on top of that, we also care for moms, dads, and adults in the same neurologically-focused, life transforming way… restoring their sleep, energy, health, happiness, and joy just the same! 

No matter what you’re looking for PWC is the place to go! 

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