Why So Many Families See Multiple Doctors

Family, Pediatrics

Pediatrician, GI, ENT, Neurologist…and the list goes on!! We’re going to talk about answers today. The inspiration for this came from a conversation I had with a mom that I’ve had far too many times and until medicine and the healthcare system change, it’s going to be one I know I will continue to have.

Initially, the conversation centered around frustration. That mom had become so frustrated with her medical care team as she searched for answers to why her 11-year-old child was struggling.

Every family and every practitioner should know that we have to figure out the why before we can know the what.

We must figure out why our kiddo got sick or is struggling and then we will know almost automatically what to do. If we can center and figure out what is going wrong within the body, then we can figure out what we need to do about it.

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