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"After a long battle with gross motor delays, we got to watch Taegen walk by herself for the very first time. "


After a long battle with gross motor delays, we got to watch Taegen walk by herself for the very first time.

From baby on, Taegan had always been delayed in her developmental movement patterns 👶🏼. She was late to roll over and couldn’t sit up until 10 months. She didn’t crawl until she was about 14 months and so at almost 2 years old, standing on her own and walking was a HUGE challenge. She was so uncomfortable in free space and she could only walk with support holding her up.

For a long time, they did PT for Taegen, but mom said the progress still seemed to be very slow. This was because Taegan had nervous system 🧠 stress from a traumatic birth process that was getting in the way of the coordination and regulation of her body. It was everything her body knew how to do 💪🏼 but there was interference holding her back.

After just a week into the intensive program, mom was able to slap a checkmark ✅ next to their BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL. Too cute Taegen took OFF 💨. Not only was Taegen standing on her own, taking steps without support, but she started taking full laps around the office! You go girl!

Mom said “her confidence is through the roof, she’s walking, standing in free space, and standing up from the floor. Absolutely incredible.” Taegen’s other goal of being able to poop regularly on her own was also accomplished because the plumbing system 💩 in the body is so dependent on the development of the movement systems. She says, her “Digestion is still working awesome without prunes which have never happened other than now.”

We could not be more excited for Taegen and her terrific family. In the best way possible, it’s going to be hard to keep up with this girl because look out, Taegen is on the move!!

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