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"Pregnant or not I just love my adjustments"


“Pregnant or not I just love my adjustments”, Mariah says!

Mariah has been getting adjusted since she was pregnant with her oldest cutie, Spencer :blush:.  And with baby number three :baby::skin-tone-3: on the way she says it was a no brainer that she was going to get adjusted throughout this entire pregnancy too!

She said every pregnancy has been different, but especially with this one she started experiencing some more pain and discomfort. She said “chiropractic has helped me a ton with my round ligament pain and just keeping me much more comfortable as my body is changing.” :raised_hands::skin-tone-3:

Mariah says she can’t wait for her appointment every week and that it’s their favorite family adventure :man-woman-boy-boy: – because the whole crew comes in for their adjustments and get to enjoy some quality time.  The kiddos get to stick around, meet new friends, play with toys, and sometimes even help the doctors with the adjustments :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There are few things we love more than helping mamas prep their body for birth and help them feel their very best :hugging_face:.  We can’t wait to meet you little one! :blue_heart:

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