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"“There was no judgment, they felt understood and finally had some answers as to why Damon was struggling. And even better, there was a SOLUTION!”"


When we met Damon this past year he was struggling emotionally with anxiety. Not an easy thing to recognize and handle as an 8 year old.

Damon struggling to express his emotions had them coming out as anger. He was becoming aggressive, refusing to go to school and things were progressively getting worse and worse for Damon and his family. It got so bad that he was starting to have self harming thoughts and actions.

He had already been through a behavioral program and Damon’s mom felt in this moment everything she would do was making his anxiety and aggression worse. Mom was worried what school would look like for him and how he would adapt as he got older.

This is when they found PWC and it was the first time Natia, Damon’s mom, felt heard and hopeful!. Our Care Advocate Team listened and took our time with her and Damon. There was no judgment, she felt understood and finally had some answers as to why Damon was struggling…. and even better, there was a SOLUTION!

A few months into care with us at PWC, Natia noticed that Damon was no longer physically aggressive, was no longer self harming or breaking things. She saw that he had the ability to communicate effectively, and he would tell his mom when he was starting to feel overwhelmed.

Their life became much C A L M E R Mom’s anxiety went way down knowing she didn’t have to worry as much about her kiddo and things have been overall better for Damon and his family.

They still can have difficult days like we all do, but Damon now has the tools to communicate with his mom, and the ability to calm his nervous system from the care he has received here at PWC. We are so excited to have the opportunity to watch this guy continue to be able to better adapt at life.

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