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"He is HAPPY. He is HEALTHY. And his hearing is restored (this was a hard one to get a quote from because the whole story is so good!!) "


Chronic ear infections. Pneumonia over and over again. Constant fluid in his sinuses, ears  and lungs were all a part of life for Axton. It was so severe that he developed moderate hearing loss.

6 different antibiotics in 5 months. Breathing treatments and nebulizers. ER visits regularly. ENT visits that strongly recommended ear tubes and tonsil/adenoid removal.

A mom that literally knew NO different. She didn’t know what else to do. She hated the idea of surgery but just wanted her child to be what every parent hopes for- healthy and happy. Developmentally, she knew his letters and sounds and words were delayed because of the hearing loss. Physically, she knew he was constantly miserable. Emotionally, she knew he was a wreck because he just wanted to feel better.

A pediatrician that was willing to recommend a different approach. Another way. “Try PWC Chiropractic,” she told mom.

Mom came but was weary. “I’ve never heard of this before…why would it work? Someone would have told me earlier.”

With her arms up and ready to pull her hair out, she brought him. A double ear infection (one bulging ear drum on the verge of bursting) after being off of his previous round of antibiotics for 4 DAYS left her willing to try anything.

That was the last time this little guy was on antibiotics. Axton didn’t ever have another round of antibiotics. He never needed another ER visit or that ENT referral. He also never needed another hearing test because it’s been fully regained! And now mom doesn’t have to worry about his physical, emotional, or developmental well being. He is HAPPY. He is HEALTHY.

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