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"Better sleep, Better coordination and more language."


When Adrian came to see us he was struggling with a lot of the unknown, which can be so hard for any parents.

He had experienced Seizures at 1 years old and since then was extra anxious about changes in routine, wasn’t sleeping well and falling behind developmentally. Mom was nervous that if they didn’t get help Adrian’s journey was only going to get harder.

Since he started care mom has seen better sleeping through the night, better coordination and posture and he is expressing a lot more language and speech. His body is adapting easier to the world around him! A huge step in the right direction for Adrian!

Every Journey takes time and we couldn’t be more blessed to know Adrian is supported by an amazing family and other professionals with us, guiding him to gain momentum on his Journey.

Many parents reach out to us when they don’t know where to turn when life throws a curve ball. At birth, in development or throughout growth spurts and life changes.

Chiropractic can be an incredible tool for families that need momentum on their health journey.

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