Progress Scans: What to Look👀 For From a Patient Perspective

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Hey PWC Patients + Parents! 

If your family or kiddo has started care at PWC, whether you or your child are experiencing changes so far depends a lot upon things like the severity and chronicity of your health challenges, and the depth and severity of stress our docs found on your initial INSiGHT Scans. 

But no matter what is changing with you or your child’s health, we know one thing for sure — you’ve learned more about the nervous system 🧠 and drug-free 💊 health since being at PWC than probably your entire life before that, since we know our CAs + Doc Team is constantly talking about all these nerdy terms like Subluxation, Scans, Vagus Nerve, Autonomic Nervous System, the Perfect Storm 🌪, and more 😝 !!! 

When it comes to Progress Scans, we want to give you a heads up on the 6️⃣ most common findings our docs are looking for on those first progress scans and a quick + simple rundown of what they each mean! 

  • Less Stress + Decreased Tension ⬇️

This is often the first change we’re really going for with our Neuro-Tonal approach to adjusting, simply working hard with each adjustment 🙌 to release that stuck stress and tension that’s been on the nervous system for far too long as a result of subluxation. This is often accompanied by improvements in sleep 💤 , mood, emotions, and energy 💥. 

  • Better Organization + Symmetry 🧘‍♂️ 

This one really gets your nerdy neuro chiros excited, as it means the brain 🧠 and body is really improving their communication, coordination, function, and regulation. You’ll notice this one by seeing your child (or yourself) have better posture, gross motor function 🏃‍♀️ , focus, organization, and emotional or behavioral regulation. 

  • Improved Adaptability 🙌 

This is the ‘holy grail’ of neurologically-focused chiropractic and really overall health from a chiropractic perspective, and it’s measured most directly via your HRV Scan! As this scan (and all scans) improve in their variability and adaptability, you or your child are so much better equipped to handle the stressors of everyday life 😃 . 

  • Waking Up 💥 

Since our practice is blessed to take care of so many chronic, exhausted patients… many times the first thing that needs to happen with the nervous system and is thus seen on the initial progress scans, is what we call the ‘Waking Up 💥’ + ‘Recharging’ 🔋 effect! It simply means that more energy is coming into the nervous system, which kickstarts healing and neurological restoration in a big way! 

  • Cleaning House + Detoxing 🧹 

This is an important and common one for us in many cases since a lot of our patients have had their nervous system so stressed and bogged down for so long that their gut 💩 + immune systems 🤮 were totally suppressed and shut down. An important part of neurological and drug-free healing is getting these systems activated and “clearing” out this stress, especially if you or your child had a lot of medications 💊 in the past. 

  • Still Stuck 😬 

With the way we put our care plans + adjustments 🙌 together, this one doesn’t happen often… but with chronic, tough cases we can see it from time to time. If there is little to no change in the scan findings and patterns, it simply means we need more time and more adjustments to break through 🙌 that long-standing tension and start to see the neurological restoration and healing we’re looking for! 

Your PWC Doc will let you know which of these scan changes and findings is occurring with you or your child’s scans within the next week, as you received your Video 🎥  ROF or sit down in person and go over the findings with your doc! We can’t wait to show you all the exciting changes, healing, and forward progress happening 🙌 ! 

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