Meet The Doc

Dr. Spencer Surmont

While in school, I grew a fascination for spreading the message of chiropractic, and educating people on the true and divinely-appointed power they have inside themselves. I understood the incredible power we have inside us all and wanted to spread that understanding to everyone around.

Love & Passion with Chiropractic

I devoted my life to be a source of love, hope, and light to all those in need. This passion took me around the world on my various mission trips to Ghana, Brazil, Dominican Republic, and Haiti. In each of these countries I had the chance to serve thousands of men, women, and children the beautiful gift of chiropractic.

Professional Opportunity

I have had unique opportunities to get involved in many different shades of the philosophy, science, and art of chiropractic. Last year while attending a pediatric club, I first heard the Perfect Storm presented by the one and only, Dr. Tony. I was amazed by his message, and by the passion he had to get every single child under chiropractic care. I knew right away that I need to do my internship with someone with this kind of passion and love.

And now I couldn’t be more excited to be joining the PWC family and getting to know each and everyone of you!

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