Meet The Doc

Dr. Morgan Reimer

Even though I’m a Wisconsin girl at heart (GO PACK GO), I was more than excited to move down to the great state of Illinois when everything in my life so perfectly aligned with the vision and mission of the PWC family.

I am beyond grateful to work alongside a team that is moving mountains to help impact the health and lives of kids and families – not only in the Crystal Lake community, but all over the world!

Growing up I always knew that chiropractic was my calling, but didn’t fully understand the “why” behind it until it really hit close to home. It was after I graduated from chiropractic school, that I realized the true impact chiropractic care has on health and function. For many years my dad was facing some extremely daunting and confusing health challenges. With every possible test and imaging coming back negative, the doctors seemingly boiled it down to a medical mystery. After trying therapy after therapy and a variety of medications, we came back to chiropractic.

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A World Of Difference

The right, specific, and consistent adjustments, along with the time to heal helped facilitate his body’s ability to function the way it’s supposed to. Chiropractic turned everything around for him and gave him his life back. I am so grateful for chiropractic and the power of the body’s ability to adapt and overcome, always! Far too often we hear, “I wish we would have known sooner”. In the case of my family and so many others, sooner makes a world of difference. Sooner means the difference between just living and absolutely thriving. And I’m fully committed to helping families thrive!

Though I love being a chiropractor, my favorite title yet is “T-T” from my three adorable little nephews who stole my heart, turned me into a total softy, and fueled my fire to help kids grow and thrive to their greatest potential. I don’t think there’s anything more interesting in life than watching little humans grow (and grow up HEALTHY).

Outside The Office

Outside of work you can most often find me doing anything that involves ‘being active’, getting lost in a great book, or eating more than the recommended serving size of peanut butter. If there’s a good song on, I find it really difficult to sit still so if you see me dancing/singing in my car, please wave! Or even better, join in.

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