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Dr. Jacobe Holman

Originally in IT for his first career choice, it was his own chiropractic experience that left him hungry and wanting more for his career.

A mission, a calling, and a vision to help others experience the same transformation towards health and happiness he had! Dr. Jake attended Logan University outside of St. Louis, Missouri to gain a chiropractic education. While there, his wife became pregnant with their first son, experiencing discomfort and a birth that involved unplanned interventions and a forceps delivery.

When the baby was just 6 weeks old, an occupational therapist said their son’s cranium was malformed and wanted to put him in a helmet. Diagnosed with torticollis and plagiocephaly as an infant, their son’s struggles started early and were significant. Frightened by the idea, Dr. Jake and his wife took him to a pediatric chiropractic specialist at the chiropractic college.

Three months later, the occupational therapist was shocked at the changes made. The helmet was never needed! The torticollis and plagiocephaly resolved! But as so many of our PWC Perfect Storm parents know firsthand, many times those early struggles really take root in the Central Nervous System and brain and can start to present as neurosensory, gut, immune, and other challenges.

Experiencing Loving Care

Fast forward to today, and their little man is THRIVING! Dr. Jake came across training from Dr. Tony and the Perfect Storm seminars, dove in head first and has never looked back. Every single Zoom Training and Live Seminar for years on end, Dr. Jake has been there front row, completely immersed and doing all that he can to get better at his craft for not just his son… but for your family too!

We can’t wait for you to meet this incredibly caring, compassionate, and highly skilled chiropractor! You’ll be hard-pressed to ever find a doctor who listens more intently to YOU and your concerns, and works diligently to get the most amazing results for you and your family!

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