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Dr. Allie Wright

Growing up in a family of chiropractors, I was blessed to be adjusted within my first 30 minutes of life! Holistic living was pretty much the norm for me. I noticed that my life was different when I went to kindergarten. I always wondered why all of my friends would have to take pills, miss school for sickness, sit out of games and dance recitals, and visit their doctors frequently. I remember walking home from school one day, asking my dad why my friends didn’t feel good… and I needed to help them all.

As a collegiate athlete, everything changed for me. I wasn’t under regular neuro-based chiropractic care like I was back home. I developed digestive issues, hormonal changes, and lack of feeling in my legs. I went from doctor to doctor but nobody had any answers. As I was losing all hope and was hit with the news that I may never play volleyball again, I remembered kindergarten. I had become like all of my friends… A life without neuro-based chiropractic care. That’s when I realized I had to get back to my roots. Jesus with chiropractic was the only thing made my body whole again and I knew that I had to share it with the world.

My husband Dr. Jonah and I have always had a passion for kids. We both grew up working with the Special Olympics and serving in our church nursery. So when we arrived at Life University in Atlanta, GA, the first clubs we looked for were the pediatric ones! We went to every event that we could find. The Pediatric Experience was the most beneficial for us, and now we are working at the biggest and best pediatric chiropractic office in the world!

I thank Jesus everyday for the opportunity to serve you and your family! I also have a passion for all things fertility, prenatal, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, so ask away! I’m beyond excited to connect with you!

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